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    State Change (noun)

    Definition: A change from one state to another without a change in chemical composition

    Marriage or partnership is about connecting with another human being to form a lasting relationship. It’s a time to grow and evolve. But it’s still you in there. As you go through a State Change you don’t lose all the amazing things that make you who you are. You just change from one state to another. Single to married.

    The journey from single to married can be stressful. Guest lists to debate, photographers to choose, and music choices to make. We thought we could take one source of stress off your plate: buying a men's wedding band.

    If you have time and love walking through jewelry stores to try on rings then enjoy the process... it can be fun. But if you need a ring that looks great, fits just right, and gets your partner's seal of approval I hope you take time to build a home try-on box from State Change bands. 

    Simply pick four rings to try on at home and in a few days you can compare rings in your own home. If you like one, keep it and return the others with the prepaid shipping envelope. 

    Want to chat? We’re always happy to answer questions at support@statechangebands.com